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Here's some valuable information that I have collected regarding the Ear Shave. This should get you started, but may require some more research. Thanks to Jason Spivy for posting the parts list.

For those who have asked where to get parts for an ear shave... I understand that elevation can affect what size jets you need but this is what seems to be working for me (west KY). -Jason

Ron Ayers:
2 x 14-20900 EMGO crank case filters = $21.26 Shipping = $8.00

2 x 019-812 40-Idle jet = $8.90
1 x 019-194 140-Main jet = $4.45 (2-140's seems to work for most)
1 x 019-195 142-Main jet = $4.45
1 x 009-396 0.126" Shim 12 pack = $4.00 Shipping = $8.75

Auto Zone (Price matched Jegs)
2 x K&N RC-2340 = $65.98

True Value:
2 x 20mm chrome bolts = $6.38
2 x chrome washers = $1.78

Total = $133.95

In case I made a typo, verify parts numbers before ordering.

The chrome bolts and washers were used to mount the crank case filters (stock bolts were too short). One filter was used for the crank case and the other for the carb breather hose. There are cheaper filters than K&N but that is a personal preference.

You'll also need a new breather hose which can be bought at any auto store. I used some hoses laying around here but it looks like you need the hose, 45 elbow, and 90 elbow.

To answer several questions in one post:

Q: How many shims did you use on each needle?
A: 2 shims under each needle. Sudco only carries a 12 pack so I have several left over. <this is assuming that you are using the original stock needles>
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