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Ear Shave

It has major advantages like boosted power and a cleaner look. It has disadvantages, like it is permanent unless you pull the engine to put everything back. In most cases, your MPG will drop some, but for me the increase in power is worth it. As far as the cost, a good mechanic should only charge you about 2 1/2 hours labor for the mod. If your wrench gets $50 an hour and the kit costs about $150, then you will be about $300 out the door.

I did it a couple weeks ago, but it's been real cold. Today I
decided I didn't care, 37 degrees or not, so I took her out
for 45 minutes. Very chilly ride, but worth it. She performed
well seemed to have more juice in the lower gears, but I
really didn't want to take it over 75 mph in the cold, so I
don't know if it helps on the top end. I also put a couple
pics in the 'Ear Shave' folder check the link in my sig if
you want to see. I'll try to get some better ones later in
the meantime, Bulldog has some good ones on his page. Jim
"Pick" Foster

It's not easy... you have to pull the carbs to re jet, and
getting the airbox out (if you choose to remove it) is a real
pain. If changing the oil is as far as you go mechanically, I
wouldn't try the shave. A good mechanic could probably do it
in a couple hours. It took me most of a day (including trips
to the hardware store and auto parts store
The air filters came as part of the Ear Shave kit from Sherm's. It allows you to remove the stock air box and air filters (the "ears") and replace them with pod filters mounted directly on the carbs. I think there's some info in the Files section about this mod. The kit also comes with a Factory Pro jet kit for re-jetting the carbs, which you need to do because of the increased air flow provided by the pod filters. I was pretty hesitant about my ability to do this mod, and I have to admit that it wasn't easy for me. But I stuck with it and eventually got it all done. The worst part was getting the air box out (had to cut it into pieces), and also removing and re-installing the carbs. The actual installation of the new jets and needles was a snap.
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