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Coffee Grinder Clutch Noise

Coffee grinder noise

If you follow the clutch cable you'll find that it leads to a lever on the left side of the motor. That lever works a cam that pushes the clutch rod to spread the clutch plates. The funny thing is that the clutch is on the right side of the engine which requires the rod to extend all the way through the motor, through the clutch basket shaft so that it can push the spring-loaded clutch plate out, separating the clutch disks. Its a pretty simple operation. J.R. Allas
Ooops, I forgot to mention to check here: http://members.tripod.com/JR_Allas/d...ch_chatter.htm
Ok.. Big Bikes come to the rescue.. Try a Goldwing Dealer. The clutch levers are inter-changeable.. Starr has tried Goldwing clutch levers on mine with no problem.. 8 mm main shaft part of bolt.. threaded part 5 mm. Ask for the one for a GL1500.

In installing new levers - just be careful of that clutch lever bolt.. That seems to be the one that has broken for at least two others.. It's a shaft, with a threaded end and does have a nut attached. Parts diagram at buy kawasaki should show you . And I'm sure it's covered in the online manual too.
I snapped that puppy right off trying to put the lever back on - didn't even know it was there. It's the safety switch that keeps it from starting if it's in gear

Mechmo was trying to install the Flanders levers today, and did exactly what you warned him not to - snapped the plastic pin on the backside of the clutch area. He saw it, thought he had cleared it, was wiggling the clutch, and heard it snap. Damn Mechmo! What is the pin for/what does it do, and how do I replace it?

Thats the clutch starter disengagee thing sounds like. Only cost abt $5

Next.. the "little plastic pin" is the clutch/starter safety switch. There should be two wires coming to it. The question is... does the circuit need to be open (wires not touching) or does the circuit need to be closed (wires touching) for the starter to work? One way to find out... try both. This can keep you riding while ordering the replacement switch. The switch IS a good idea... starting in gear, etc.

The switch prevents the bike from starting if it's in gear and the clutch is not pulled in. Now that you have broken off the little plastic pin, your bike WILL try to start, and it will lurch forward if you inadvertantly try to start it while it is in gear.

Well that Mechmo sure is an idiot! He did the same darn thing when he was at my house once. Luckily, the switch is held in place by a single screw and takes all of 3 minutes to replace.

Q: I am worried about a noise in the clutch of my bike: When it is cold, in the initial exit (in first speed) it makes a brief noise, as a snore of box of changes of old trucks; this noise does not occur, if the clutch lever will be untied slowly and in low rotation. What can be happening? this noise is normal?
A: Well to sum it up, yes it is totally normal, they call it "coffe grinder" due to the funny sound it makes sometimes when cold. You can replace your clutch pads with aftermarket, or there is a mod in the files to drill holes in clutch hub to let out the thick oil when cold, but it does no harm, and lots of us just take it easy on it until it warms up.

What kind of oil are you running in your ride? Initial start-up clatter could be what we call clutch chatter. Once the oil warms up the noise disappears. Just a though if the noise comes back on a cool morning.
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