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vn750 tech question from a fellow kaw rider

hello all !!

I have a tecno question for the vn750 tech guru's on this site, the question is what are the fork dimensions on your vn750's??? have they changed at all over the years, and if so what are the various dimension of the various years.

the reason I am asking is because I am trying to get some fork braces made for the kawasaki zl series bikes.

I am a member of a similar site dedicated to the kawasaki ZL's our membership is much smaller in numbers than yours, a little over 400, our members ride either the zl900 or the zl1000. I personally have one of each. a completed restored zl1000 and my next project is a basket case zl900.

I and my brothers at the zl owners association have made a contact with a well known maker of vmax performance parts who has expressed interest in making, among other things a fork brace for our bikes. this is very exciting to us because the high quality of the product, but especially because zl900 was made for only two years, 85 & 86, and the zl1000 was made for only one year 1987.

due to the short run and therfore very low number of these bikes that still exist, getting anything for them has become a huge difficulty. We are hoping to team up with other kawasaki riders who have the same front fork dimensions in order to help us to work with the vendor and produce a fork brace that would be of use to the zl guys and, hopefully you VN guys as well.

the zl1000 and the vn750 share many parts and I belive may share the same forks, and thats why Im asking the techno questions..

If anyone can help us out here it would be greatly appreciated !!!

If you have a ZL or are interested in seeing the zloa site just to see what another group of kawasaki nuts are up to check out the site !! If you can answer our questions please post up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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