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Originally Posted by Cassack View Post
Lost it in the last few minutes. Snaked again, oh well....such is life.
You are not CASSMAN92??? Thought you were. That auction was a total ego-bidding diaster all the way...

Chad and I were watching that auction with interest. If I had a paint set-up or a cheap painter, I would have gotten involved in it.

OK, I've looked over that auction's bid history and here is my thoughts on how that auction could have been won.

See the bid history: http://offer.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/...m=330195253243

Our Search Goddess taught me a hard lession a long time ago. In eBay, everything goes and there are no friends. Harsh but true. I fully subscribe to the motto "All's fair in Love and eBay"... Long ago, there was something I really wanted for my VN750. Dianna beat me in the last 4 seconds of the auction. She wanted it more then I did. So, I emailed her and asked her what she did to ensure the win. She told me the plain and simple truth, that she wanted it more and that she would not allow her bid to go in with enought time to cause "ego bidding". She used a service to snipe her bid at the last few seconds. It costs money to use, but if used wisely, it saves money. Sometimes a lot of money...

That week, I really wanted a air compressor in my area that was pick-up only. It was a $275 Craftsman compressor that had the bidding starting around $40.00. I put in my bid and quickly got outbid. I went up to $60 before I realised that my own ego was driving the bid up with two days to go. I signed up with the same snipe service that Dianna told me about and placed my snipe for $160, which would hit in the last 4 seconds of the auction. In the last 5 minutes, two bidders were dollar bidding against each other and had managed to raise it to $110 or so. With 4 seconds left, my $160 went in and I won it for $114.75. NOT BAD. By placing my bid with 4 seconds left, it kept the others ego's from bidding it up more then they already had. Granted, if someone had a proxy bid of $162 or more in already, all my bid would have done would have been to drive up the price in the last 4 seconds, but in this case bidding smart saved me a lot of money. The seller was kinda pissed as he hoped that ego would net him a nice payday. He never left me feedback, but hey - I got a $275 brand new compressor for $115, so I live with it

In the end, it is about who wants it more. By using a snipe service, I just remove my (rather large) ego from the bidding contest. I place my snipe and walk away. If I win, I win. If not, I know that someone wanted it more then I did - but they paid dearly for it

All's Fair in Love and eBay...

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