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Unhappy Ma Kaw's F&S engine guard prevents upshifts on my motor

When I got back to riding last season after missing 4 riding seasons due to an accident, I had to rotate the shift lever up one spline. This was necessary because my ankle is not as flexible as it used to be, and also I now have a 3/4" lift in the sole of my left shoe. Therefore I could not get my toe under the shift lever "pedal" to upshift until I rotated it up one spline.

I finally got the engine guard and highway pegs mounted on the bike, then discovered on the test ride that I could not shift into second gear due to clearance issues with the engine guard. I am curious to know if anyone else has had a similar problem, and what you did to get around it.

I think an extra 1/4" vertical movement is all I need to be able to reliably upshift. I was talking to a Nomad rider yesterday at bikenight who has an acetylene welding torch. Our thoughts are to clamp the shift lever in a vise, heat it red hot down at the bend then pull the lever out a few degrees to open the bend a few degrees. I know this will probably discolor the stainless steel lever and maybe take some strength out of it too. So is this a smart thing to do, or should I find a different method to get the shift clearance I need?


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