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That is really odd, i don't recall any of that on my permit, it was just that i had to ride alone in the day time and not on freeways. And in the MSF course i took for my license (which i totally recommend, i thought i knew how to ride, i did not but thanks to MSF i now do) never even mentioned that just reinforced the no freeway thing because you had to take a freeway to get to the course so they said don't ride there take a car or get a ride ya know.

Now i want to dig it out and look in case i missed something, but from everything I know you should not need a licensed driver to be with you while you have the permit. Mind you I'm not a cop/dmv official/etc, but hey check out BARF (Bay area riders forum) In the LEO (law enforcement officer) area. Most of the guys in there are bike cops and are happy to answer questions on this sort of things, or just search past threads and see if you get lucky on permit questions.
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