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Originally Posted by danield View Post
The other day, as I was going up a hill and giving it more throttle, the bike started to back fire (not continuously) and I started to loose some power. I made it to the traffic light. As I was turning, the engine shut off. I pop the clutch and it started back up. Made it home safely. I checked plugs, wires and and i was stumped. Started the bike up again and put it into first gear and then I lost power again. Nothing. Check the battery cables and discovered that one of the cables was loose. Tighten it up and I got power. My questions, would a loose battery cable cause the engine to back fire and loose power? I can understand when the engine stopped. Thanks for any feedback.
Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Only mine quit running on the interstate. I tightened the battery cables and it hasn't done it again. I'm feeling pretty confident it was just loose connections.

By the way, I see you are from Pearcy. I was in Pearcy last week checking out a V-Max a guy had for sale there.

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