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Performance questions

I've got questions regarding the performance of the Vulcan. A couple of coworkers have thrown my carefully laid plans into disarray, and I wanted to get the straight poop from my Vulcan brothers and sisters.

I've had my '85 VN700A1 for a year and four months. When I got it, it had a leaking gas tank, which I fixed. I have been riding and fixing and riding and fixing and thus far the interval has been getting longer for riding and shorter for fixing. Right now, I know the carbs, which I had off and cleaned (and a buddy checked the jets and pronounced them clean), are out of sync. Cindy is going to help me get that dialed in. The mixture is rich, but I don't want to start tuning on that until I get the carbs synced.

My problem is that right now, either in 4th or 5th gear on flat ground with the throttle wide open, my Vulcan tops out at about 72 MPH. This isn't right.

I was talking to a couple of coworkers who ride, and they both told me that carb sync only really affects idle smoothness instead of outright performance. They suggested that the carbs may have to come off again and that the jets weren't really clean.

I'm just trying to get the real story so I can get my bike performing up to scratch. Like I said, Cindy is going to come and help me wrench on it, but I figured I would bother everybody with my questions rather than just her.

Does carb sync affect performance and top speed? If not, what else may need to be adjusted to get this running right? I would prefer to do the work myself than paying a garage $100/hr or more...

Thanks all,
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