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Dude i appreciate the comment, but really im no craftsman, im just a mechanic.

The wheels were powdercoated black when i got the bike, but to paint the natural alloy wheels, you will need to flat the laqeur coating back with a red scotchbrite pad then prime/paint them as required.

As for the cases, VHT paint is NOT required, just think how hot the hood of your car gets during a hot summers day?! much hotter than your cases ever will, therefore, standard celly or 2K paint will suffice, plus theres a wider range of colours(notice spelling ) to choose from and you only need VHT paint for the exhaust and manifolds.

I bought the 50mm(2ins) wrap from a company called www.demon-tweeks.co.uk thats based in Wales here in the UK, but if you look around your local scooter dealers someone's bound to have it, if not, E-bay

Hope this helps

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