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New bike. What to do?

Hey, guys! I went out and bought a 2003 750 the other day (my first bike, period). The only thing is that it's been sitting for about a year. From reading around, I gather that if the bike has been sitting, I should change all the "fluids". Can someone tell me which fluids have to be changed, exactly? Also, can you link me to something that it should be changed with? I know squat about motorcycle maintenance but would like to start off on the right foot.

Thanks a bunch guys, I love this site.

P.S. I read some things in the Vulcan Verses about changing fluids, too, but I'm still not entirely sure what, exactly, will need catering to.

P.S.S. I checked to see if the battery is a MF, and it seems to be. There's a sticker on top saying something like "this is a sealed battery, no water needs to be added" or something to that effect. I'm guessing this is a MF, right?
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