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I don't know about anyone else and I don't know if it will help anyone but this is what I did to get a feel for my first bike. I had bought a 83 Hond Nighthawk 750 from a friend. I only had it for a month before selling it and getting a brand crotch rocket (big mistake, but this was 10 years ago and I was young and foolish) but anyways it was a little tall for me and I was a brand new rider.

To get a feel for the bike and turning and everything I took it to a empty parkinglot (was a high school I think and of course long after school hours) and I practiced making slow tight turns. At first I used my foot for balance but after a short bit of practice I was able to do them without putting my foot down. I did both left and right turns and started making them tighter and tighter. This really helped me once I really started taking the bike out on the road. It not only helped with the weight and balance factor but also helped learn how to properly use the clutch and throttle. I stalled a few times and sent the bike lurching a bit a few timses by letting go of the clutch when I would start to lose my balance but it kept me safe and confident by the time I went out and started regular rides.

I also can't stress enough taking the time to take a motorcycle safety course. It saved my life back in 1997. I was rolling down the highway at about 65 which was speed limit when I changed lanes to get ready for my exit. As I changed lanes, all the cars in front of me slammed on their brakes. I hit mine and my back end started sliding out from under me. The safety class had us practice things like controlled skids and how to correct them. Fortunatly I knew what to do and instread of it sliding out from under me and me into the back of a car I was able to regain control and move to left. I nearly sideswiped the car in front of me and took out his sideview miror with my arm but I kept from wrecking and from getting majorly hurt. I am sure I would have panicked and made the skid worse had I not had the class. Just my 2 cents.
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