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Please help!!

Okay I am going to start off by admitting that I am brand new to this and am not afraid to admit it or ask for help. This is the first bike I have owned since owning a brand new crotch rocket back in '96. My 750 is a 1995.

I bought this bike very cheap and knew that it wasn't running when I bought it. The previous owner had bought it but never really done anything with it though he said it was running when he had bought it 2 years prior. The tank was rusted almost completely out and beyond repair. I salvaged the petcock and cleaned that up to seemingly perfect order. I just bought a used tank with a tiny bit of surface rust but mainly just a dust cover then actual rust. I replaced the plugs, changed the oil, and then installed the tank.

I do not have an owners manual so this is the part where I am stuck. I am not sure if there is a choke or something like that to assist in getting the fuel into the engine. I am not entirely sure which was is fuel, reserve, and off on the petcock. The engine attempts to start but will not actually catch and I am not sure if fuel is even getting to the engine or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know if there is a choke or primer for the engine and if there is anything that I obviously overlooked. When attempting to start it I have it in neutral and am holding the the clutch in. It has been a long time so maybe that is something that I am doing wrong or overlooking.

Also, does anyone possibly know somewhere I can maybe download the owner manual by chance? I already have the service manual but that doesn't go over the little obvious points like the different setting on the petcock and how to properly start the bike. I hope I am not coming off too unknowing. Thanks!!
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