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The first thing you should do if you haven't already-is get a volt meter installed on the handle bars or dash area to monitor the charging system.

Hizzo or Hyperbuzzin (somebody) wound their own stator and installed it and it was working great the last I heard/remember. Maybe someone who can actually remember who did this will chime in.
That's about all you will be able to do to modify/improve the charging system. The stators available are pretty much stock specs.
There is a lot of wasted electrical current on the bulbs on our bikes. I replaced all my dash lights with T5/T6 LED bulbs and the tail light bulbs, I am replacing the rest of the bulbs with LED's as well. This should save a heck of a load on the charging system. The regular bubls are burning a lot of wattage requiring the stator to work a bit when you have brakes on and turn signals going.

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