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Stator test procedure - thanks - thats the one

Dianna: Thanks for the procedures. Yeah, those are the tests I performed; I've seen that procedure posted by you, and others, numerous times.

theauhawk: sorry man, my bad . Yeah, I posted those results in the hopes someone would confirm the state of my stator.

I tested the stator with the bike warmed up. Based on the results I got I would say my stator needs to be replaced. What do you guys think ?

As for my R/R...I've redone the tests 'cause I screwed it up the first time. This time I've checked and double checked and then checked again just because playing with a multimeter makes me feel smart. Its screwed up, with a capital F, no question about it. I get readings in the mega-ohms. My digital multimeter automatically picks the correct range (maybe all digital ones do, i dunno) so I'm not misreading things.

Thanks again,
Luis Pereira

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