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Most of the HID lighting kits/accessories I've seen thus far are really for off-road use, and are not street legal.

Or, they're just way overpriced for what you get. Or both.

It seems as though more HID products are coming out with time, and I gather that it won't really be long before we can buy a kit or a lamp that fits our bike--and at a fair price.

Someone else correct me if I'm wrong, but the HID option provides far greater light, uses much less power (especially for the same amount of light), runs cooler, and lasts considerably longer than halogen bulbs.

I read somewhere that typical halogen bulbs are generally rated for 1,000 hours; HIDs can go for 2,500 hours.

Also, a typical 35-watt HID can provide the same amount of light as a halogen that is well past 100 watts.

If so, pretty cool stuff!!!.........
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