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I'll have to check with hubby since he bought the HID lighting from ebay (about $100 I think) But it definitely lights up my world!
There's a little electrostat that warms up when you first turn it on so you hear a little electrical whine/buzz but it goes away.
My husband has one on his Harley also and when out on group rides we can definitely spot each other in the pack. The other headlights look yellow, and a dim yellow at that by comparison.
One small bother is that the instrument panel lights for the headlight stay on so it always looks like my highbeams are on. Probably true by comparison since my low beam looks brighter than most high beams.
I have not had anyone flash me indicating my brights were on though.. well ok, one or two maybe but it was as I was cresting a hill. *L* I just sort of laughed and thought.. "You think that was my high beam? No.. THIS is my high beam!" did a quick flash of the highs and went on my way

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