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information for new members

OK, let me state up front that the following is my opinion only, as an auto and equipment mechanic. I am not a motorcycle mechanic.

I recommend that if your bike still has it's stock intake system that you leave it on, and use stock filters. Same with stock exhaust. If you want more noise, I suggest getting an aftermarket system designed for your bike, and rejetting for it if necessary. The VN750 was designed for a specific amount of airflow through the intake, and a certain amount of backpressure from the exhaust. Unlike, say, a Harley, the VN750 has a highly tuned engine that makes a lot of power for it's size. Cutting up the stock intake or stock exhaust changes that tuning, and, again, IN MY OPINION, will not only lower the power output, but cause engine damage as well. It is a known fact that using pod type air filters, ala earshave, will allow more dirt to get into your engine, which I believe will cause accelerated engine wear.

Most of the above (other than the part about pod filters allowing more dirt to get through) is strictly my opinion. I am posting this, because many members here have different opinions, and I wanted to express my views on these things. It is your bike and your choice. I just ask that you consider all opinions and do some research on it before making possibly harmful modifications to your bike.

I am a motorcyclist, NOT a biker.

1997 Vulcan 750, purchased about a week ago
2006 Sportster 1200 Low
2013 Royal Enfield Bullet 500, converted to carb
2001 Yamaha XT225, heavily modified
2004 Honda Rebel 250
1979 Vespa P200E
2002 Vulcan 750 parts bike
1994 Yamaha XT225 parts bike
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Here's my opinion...

There are people here, that unlike you, actually work on their bikes. Many don't even have a VN750 anymore, but still hang out here to share their knowledge.

You CONSTANTLY bicker with these valuable members over academic minutia, which has to be frustrating for them. They are doing us a favor by being here to help out with real world problems regarding actual bike repair. You being a thorn in their side probably makes them less likely to click on this site.

Your constant presence has diverted the cohesive technical based personality of this site into one of academic bickering. If you would leave, or at least back away from the keyboard, this site would be a better place.

One of your actual 'mods' was to disable one of the front disks on your bike. You then claim to have done repeated hard stops from 100mph, saying it was just fine. You also claim to constantly drag the knobs off the pegs to where you have to replace them on a regular basis. Disabling one of the front disks to make it less 'grabby' is questionable at best. The claims about repeated hard 100mph stops with one disk, wearing away the footpeg knobs on a regular basis, etc.... lead me to believe that you are a natural born windbag who likes to spew his bent ideas to anyone who will listen. However, there are guys on here with genuine mechanical aptitude that can see though BS'rs like yourself. I'm one of them.

05 VN750
Iridium Plugs
Spline Lubed front/rear
ignition pickups gapped
AGM Battery
Relocated MOSFET R/R
Coaster Mod
Pilot Screws at 2-1/4 turns
Slipstreamer S-08 Windshield
F&S Saddlebags/Mounts
Luggage Rack
12V Outlet
Mustang Seat
sissy bar
Oversized Pirelli Front/Rear Tire
7k miles

XR100, TTR110, DT175, CRF230F, XR250R (dual sported), XR400R

1966 mustang street/strip
4-speed, nitrous
[email protected] 135.6

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Ok I personally don't care one way or the other but honestly I must say this constant back and forth is really starting to annoy me. Why can't we all be adults and respect each other's oppinion and just leave it at that.

I see merits to both sides of this argument but honestly I feel you should research before any potential mod and weigh the pros and cons. This will be my only post on the matter as I don't intend to add fuel to the fire.

And no disrespect but saying someone is an idiot and they should leave really isn't helping. Trolling is what takes away from the enjoyment of the forums not stating your oppinion. I'm not supporting either party and I realize I may take some flack but so be it I am grown up enough not to let It bother me.
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Wow, this thread is so pointless and inacurate. In my "opinion", stay off the forum and away from any vehicle!
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OK guys, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
Of course that opinion is only as good as your experience.
Jerry has 30 plus years experience as a professional trained auto mechanic.
He was an amateur auto racer and builder for much of that time.
I believe he has been riding a wide variety of motorcycles for most or all that time as well.
So he has a lifetime experience working with mechanical objects, and the knowledge and education to know how cars, trucks, motorcycles and internal combustion engines operate.

He has modified his bikes to suit his desires and needs.
They are safe for him, and he knows their strengths and weaknesses.

I may or may not agree with everything he says, or the modifications he has made, but I could say the same about other members as well. I do find his arguments and explanations interesting, educational, and thought provoking at the least.

I have been working on my father`s cars and my own vehicles for 40+ years without any formal training, just personal interest and help from my dad who was a heavy duty mechanic.
But I have no experience working on motorcycles, even though I have had a mc licence since I was 14 years old.

Jerry is one of only 2 or 3 members who find the stock VN750 seat entirely satisfactory and comfortable.
It seems most of the rest of us suffer from "monkeybutt" to some degree after 30 minutes or so of riding.

There are lots of guys here who are making mods to their bikes that I think are unnecessary, and sometimes even unsafe, ( think hardtails and excessively tall apehangers for example, or overly loud exhaust systems). But it is their bike to modify and improve, (or wreck), according to their own vision, experience and skill. Maybe if I tried apehangers I might like them too.

The vn750 is my first bike, and I only have 6 weeks of actual riding time on it before my accident where I dragged my left leg along a guard rail for 50 feet, badly breaking my left leg, which left me unable to ride for almost 4 years to this point. I am hoping to be back riding in the next month or two.

For now I am satisfied to ride my bike in stock form as it came from Ma Kaw`s factory.

When I get more riding time in, I may well decide that there are things I want to change on my bike too. I suspect the first will be highway pegs, a back rest and some sort of throttle lock.

I am very interested in trying a car tire on the rear wheel (going to the darkside! LOL), but find many local riders at bike night are opposed to even discussing the idea, almost to the point of fisticuffs.
Maybe I do need to wear out a couple of motorcycle tires before going to a CT, so I am better able to judge the merits or disadvantages to the experiment.

Dragging pegs is another contentious issue. Some feel it is dangerous and something to be avoided at all times. Others live for the thrill of leaning over to the max in the twisties and dragging pegs on both sides as they switch from side to side. I hope to develop my skill to the point where I am comfortable dragging my pegs in a turn.

So a forum is a place to share ideas openly and freely.
We don`t have to believe or accept everything we read, but we need to be civil even when we disagree.

Differences of opinion are to be expected, and the way we learn and progress in finding better ways to do things.
So share your thoughts and ideas, but leave the boxing gloves at home.

That`s my opinion, for whatever it is worth.


1991 VN 750 -"Cosmic Lady" or "Bad Girl"?
Purchased May 16, 2008
Approx.19,300km (12,000 miles)

H-D windshield
Relocated R/R
MF-AGM battery
Fiamm Freeway Blaster horns
F&S luggage rack and engine guard
Kury Offset Hiway pegs
July 13, 2016, Riding on the DARKSIDE now, Classic Radial 165/80-15


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This post is what it is. MY OPINION. It is clearly stated as such, several times. I see no reason why anyone would object to it, as pretty much everybody here have certainly been sharing THEIR opinions. Members, especially new members, NEED to hear both sides of the story, and, as I suggested, do their own research on the matter. I don't see any of those who disagree with my opinion suggesting that anyone do any research (independent of this forum)

And Rebel13, it would be very difficult for me to stay away from vehicles, as they are not only my job, but my main hobby as well. And, I have had very good success with them over the past several decades. And I have made a lot of modifications. But with anything I don't already know about from experience or previous research, I do a lot of research before modifying anything. Remember, it is MY vehicle, and MY money, and I am not rich. Those of us who work on vehicles for a living don't get paid as much as most people probably think.

This thread was never even meant to be replied too, I put it here for informational purposes only. For some reason, certain people seem to be threatened by it, probably because it does not agree with their opinions. It does not break any rules. It was NOT meant to start another argument. Someone else decided to do that.

I am a motorcyclist, NOT a biker.

1997 Vulcan 750, purchased about a week ago
2006 Sportster 1200 Low
2013 Royal Enfield Bullet 500, converted to carb
2001 Yamaha XT225, heavily modified
2004 Honda Rebel 250
1979 Vespa P200E
2002 Vulcan 750 parts bike
1994 Yamaha XT225 parts bike
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Jerry, I am sending you a PM... I have a couple of ideas I have been bouncing around in my peanut head and want your opinions on. secondly I refrained from replying to this thread because I have all ready stated my opinion to you in private, and I feel that is where that needs to stay..You made some very good points, and Gordon also made some really good points. to all you yung-uns out there (noobs.. i hate that word even though i do have a thread out to you guys). Jerry makes us use our heads. just because he says something or feels a certain way about it, its not God's word. like he said its his opinion. but like he said he can back it up with fact, just as I try to do when I post. and yes I am not right all the time, but I am not scared to admit when I am wrong.
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I'm keeping my bike (lock &) stock as best I can. Thanks for the opinions.

2005 Vulcan 750
Odometer @ October, 2019: 14,200
Purchased May, 2011 @ 2,172
Splines lubed @ 2,962 (were in good shape)
Küryakyn Daily Tour Bag
SS-28 Slipstreamer Smoke
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Well what can I say as a noob, I appreciate all the input you guys give and have had some good avice from Jerry aswell as many others and I believe that everyone should have their own opinion and not be insulted for that, so come on guys lets keep it nice a friendly on here
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