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I'm doing better now!!!

I'm walking without the cane and physical therapy already has 120 degrees of bend on the knee. The meat inside is going to take a little longer to get strong, 'cause i lost a lot of it on the asphalt.

The arm is going to be about a nine month recovery...at PT today I just started to apply a little of my own power to the movement...ouch. Can't even lift it an inch off horozontal without help.

Like I told my wife - three lucky things happened:
1. I didn't hit the car when she cut into my lane.
2. When I steered out of the way I didn't go into the oncoming traffic (i was in the left lane of a 4 lane undivided hwy).
3. After I went down, nobody ran me over.

Moment of irony...from my hospital room I could see people taking the MSF course in a nearby parking lot! I took MSF and seriously believe that some of the skills I learned helped me survive...that and some good old fashioned luck.

Oh...and the helmet, leather jacket, boots and gloves did what they were supposed to do too.
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