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I just wait until i get pissed then run and gun(7000 rpm's) works for me.
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Most traffic lights operate on a magnetic senser to change the left turn arrow light from red to green. Motorcycles usually don't have enough steel to trip the sensor and you find yourself sitting there with no green arrow for your left turn. Place magnets under the frame of your bike and the magnetic impulse will get the light senser to think you are a full size car and the left turn arrow will turn green for you at the next cycle. I clamped ( worm gear hose clamps ) one magnet on the side stand, one on the frame near the side stand and another magnet placed on the center stand frame. The magnets need to be facing down towards the road. You can use magnets retrieved from old worn speakers or buy them at a hardware store. A real cheap way to avoid sitting at a light wating for the left turn green arrow. It works great, try it.
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