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Originally Posted by 93VN750 View Post
I rode it home today, awesome.

Is the single stator as vulnerable as on the 750's if I do not load it any more than stock?

I will get some pictures up soon.

Well, Congratfreakinglations!!!

The single stator on the 1500 series is solid, just be aware that you still only have about 21 amps to play with. The rect/reg is located in the wind, so burning it up like the VN750's RR is not an issue. Once again, check your splines. Even though the 2002 VN750's all seem to have dry spline syndrome, the same cannot be said for the 2002 1500's as they were made in Japan. But if this group has taught you anything, it is to check those pesky splines.

Be advised, your insurance will jump... I was paying around $80 a year for full coverage for my VN750. Now, with the VN750 and the Nomad 1500FI, for full coverage I'm paying around $400 a year.

Overall, you will be pleased. But you might find yourself riding ONLY the Meanie for a while. My usual milage on the VN750 was around 6k a year. Last year, I put on 250 miles if that. But I put on around 6k on the Nad...

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