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Thanks Spockster.

I'd forgotten about the need to realign the swing arm with it's removal. Been awhile since I read up on that part of the manual. Think I might pass on that as the swing arm doesn't add that much weight.

When I removed the engine, I hadn't realized that the right side of the upper rear mount point on the frame is removable. That would have made removal so much easier. I may still end up taking the forks out and strap the swing arm up to keep it from flopping. If that fails, then I'll just got with the normal lifting it with the jack.

Wish the powder coat kit would work for me, but I don't have an oven large enough for that frame :-/

Either way, I got the rust ground out and some spray enamel on the frame for protection, TOC side cover installed on the engine and the carbs cleaned up.
I still need to try and get the broken exhaust stud out, ran out of time and didn't get a chance to attack it, but I've been hitting it with PB blaster to hopefully soak through the crud and rust that's holding it in. If that's not enough to let it break loose, I'll try heating the manifold itself with a propane torch. Hell, it worked for getting my old O2 sensor out on the car, I imagine it should work for this.
Aside from that the engine is ready to go back into the frame tomorrow morning after I get off work.
Sadly, no more photos as I forgot to charge my camera battery, but then, nothing that hasn't been seen here already, so oh well.

......I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere then in any city on earth.

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