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I had one like that - though I don't think the damn greyhair that pulled out in front of me had even looked my way. I came to a stop less than a few feet from their passenger door (the look on the old lady's face was priceless).

The one spill I've had was because I was being a retard. I was late to a class and tried beating a yellow. It was raining and I had hard old tires on the bike (that were going to be replaced the next weekend - I'd just bought her). Half way through the intersection (going too quick), a van pulled into my path. I panicked and hit the front too hard. About the time the front locked up I hit a bump in the road where it goes from asphalt to cement - caused me to go down (wasn't sure for a while why I'd went down till I realized I'd went down a few feet after the bump).

Lessons learned: don't try to beat a light (duh!) and never ride with old hard tires in the rain.

I was glad I had my ammo can saddlebags - saved me and the bike from all but superficial damage - had no road rash (just torn rain gear and jeans) - and had less than $100 of damage to the bike (fixed practically free thanks to other VN750-ers)

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Recently I was riding 2 up with my wife in town on a 30 mph street. I was going a little under the limit and was slowing as a car on a cross steet was tring to cross in front of me. I saw the driver look in my direction and the other. Sure enough he pulled out in front of us as he looked again. With only 7000 miles experiance I was proud and glad I did some things right. 1. I was not speeding. 2. I was watching and paying attendtion. 3. I covered both brakes and applyed them with strong skid free force. The car driver stopped half way into the intersection. And this is were I may have made a mistake as I went around him in front. I later thought what if he would have continued on! Well it was a learning experiance and there was no accident.
I was ratteled by the incedent and should have pulled over for a while.

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