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You may find the voltage drop significant there. I installed the single LED voltmeter and tapped the wire from the front running lights and the voltage drop is pretty bad - don't remember the numbers now. Before I got around to rewiring it through an ignition-controlled relay off of the battery, I got used to seeing the artificially reduced reading. By experimentation, I found that the voltage at this location pretty closely tracks the charging condition of the battery. Because of the charging deficit when idling, the battery discharges and the voltage drops. After rpms increase, charging eventually restores battery voltage and the volt meter turns green again. I kind of like the meter showing me that.

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-MF Battery
-Heads-Up Voltage Monitor
-Replaced Stator (9,000 and 16,000 mi.)
-Oil-cooled Stator Mod (photos)
-Replaced and Relocated R/R
-Greased rear splines
-Fused Stator (photos)
-Metzeler ME880 Marathon 170/80-15 (Rear), 110/90-19 (Front)
-TOC MCCTs installed
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