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Ignition switch left me with no lights, horn, etc...

It was around 70 degrees today and I was going for a ride with my buds. So I thought. I stopped at the gas station refilled and I had no neutral light.
What the heck???
Got the bike home & noticed I had to tail light, head light, horn, neutral or brake lights. However my turn signals and tail light and plate light worked in the P position, and the bike started and ran with no problem....HMMM I checked the fuses; all good
Checked the wiring harness coming from the switches on the left handle bar. OK
Started messing with the harnesses behind the light and bumped the ignition switch wires and vola my lights came on. bumped again and they went out.
No the work begins, took off wind screen, light assy, and removed ignition switch. Popped off the back cover and the brown/white wire came un soldiered. Repaired and put back together. good to go. Wish I would have taken pictures though. I just wanted to ride!

I took a 35 mile ride and loved it.
Just thought I'd share this with you all just incase you have similar problem.

Got ISO grips & iridium plugs on order, so I should have some more to do next week.
Happy riding!!!!
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