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Originally Posted by romeobravo172 View Post
I too like Blaz thought maybe POOGS, but doubt that to the fact you went appx 115 miles (you mentioned about 130 usually before switching). From what I'v read poogs usually happens at around 1/2 tank. I had on a couple ocassions almost the same thing happen to my me on my 04. I always set my trip odo to 0 when I fuel up as I learned that at about 120 miles I am going to get that little surprise of a cough,sputter or whatever that says switch to res NOW! I found that after the motor did shut down that it would not fire right back up, after switching to res. I would crank it over for about say 5 secs then wait about a minute and crank it again for about 5 secs and wait again and usually about the 3rd or 4th try it would fire off. Think it takes a few minutes to replace the dry bowls and fuel lines that are dry and get the air out also.

You might try flushing the drain bowls (easy to do and get to) if you think you may have picked up some small trash in there. Wolfie swears he blows his out backwards often and that works as well. And there is always seafoam!

I do not think you have a PC problem. If the bike runs in the res position it should be getting fuel thru the lower inlet tube which is what the res is.
Basically, when the tank runs dry and you let the motor die before switching to reserve, all the lines and the carbs are dry. So, the rider ends up having to prime the carbs off the reserve side to get the bike started again. I suggest practice locating the petcock while you ride to help avoid this scenario. If the rider can switch to reserve before the motor dies, it should pick back up and keep running.

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