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Forum Posting. Where does this thread go? Why did the mods move it?

It seams people are a little confused where to put their threads to start a discussion. Most threads are started in the VN750 General Discussion forum. And wonder why it was moved to The Goat's Belly forum.

If you read under each of the headings it has an explanation of what kind of topics are discussed in each category.
VN750 General Discussion
General discussion for the VN750/700
Isn't specific to one of the other forums?
Here's the place to post it

Think of this section as a place to put complete builds, post pictures of your VN750. and other technical stuff related directly to the VN750 that isn't covered in the topics below.

Where does this wire go?
Includes Electrical mods, Lights, Stator,
Rectifier, Diagrams, etc

the ignition system falls into this category, coils and spark plugs are electrical, not mechanical.

Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
From the radiator, through the case and out
the exhaust. If it has to do with the cooling,
engine or exhaust, discuss it here!

Carbs and Fuel System
From the gas tank to the carbs
All fuel system discussion

this also includes emission related stuff. earshaves, coastering, and other intake related questions and mods.
Transmission / Rear End
Chattering Clutch? Transmission Trouble?
Rear End Woes? Splines Shot? Discuss it here

Wheels, Suspension and Brakes
Everything to do with wheels, tires,
suspension, forks and brakes

I feel that the frame related stuff goes here as well, because the frame is the back bone of the suspension system.

Everything related to equipment
Includes backrests, luggage racks, windshields,
floorboards, pegs, and riding gear

If it bolts on the bike, but doesn't come stock on the vn750, it belongs here (this includes the Kawasaki Fire and Steel genuine Kawasaki Vulcan accessories).

Motorcycle Safety
Discuss safety ideas/tactics or safety-related products.
Ride Smart!

Helmets, Heated Gear, Boots, and other clothing related items belong here, not in the Equipment section.

The Vulcan Verses
THE largest database of VN7xx knowledge
found anywhere! A READ-ONLY archive of
member's past posts on VN750 information
BIG Thanks to Stewart in putting this together!

A FAQ section

The Goat's Belly
Your Off-Topic Playland.
Non-VN750 topics, jokes and miscellaneous ravings

NMR (Not Motorcycle Related), Different brand/model bike questions, car talk, ect. Think of this place as the Garage wall seen in other MC and car Forums.

Got a favorite Vendor or not? Post your praise or criticism here

Sell or Swap
Got a part you want to sell or looking for a part?
Want to trade for something? Post it in here!

Suggestions / Tech Support
Having technical problems with the forum?
Can we make the site any better? Have a suggestion? Let us know.
Testing Grounds - <<-- Test your signatures and avatars here

VN750.com Forum Instructions
Instructions on how to use all the various
functions on the website and forums. (ie. Gallery, etc...)

I am posting this in the Boats Belly for now so It gets seen since hardly any one reads VN750.com Forum Instructions, although it will be moved in a week to the appropriate spot.
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