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...omg !!!...a thread Nazi....string him up ! Hang im....tar and feather!!!!...lol

...there ya go NewRider, I messed with him....lol...as usual...

I think I am about the only one that ran 93 octane in mine (all 3) and I did not have a single problem,
Pre 1990 Vulcans w/o Cali emissions can run well on 93...my 85 does. Especially if stripped of all emissions and BS. They have almost a 10.5:1 compression ratio, and if the engine is still tight, 93 works great. I had a Harley that had 12:1 comp...I could only run Sunoco 260 (think it was 98 octane)...the newer bikes, stock, with emission crap, can run regular, NP...
If I could afford the extra cost of 93, Id be runnin it...Once a month I top off with it to give the old girl a treat...

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