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Drill the clutch basket!

Like many here, I have made many modifications to my bike. Most were simply "nice to do" mods...a few, like spline lube or AGM batteries are NEED to do mods.
It rained all weekend giving me plenty of opportunity to get rid of the "coffee grinder" issue that plagues these bikes. After $9 and a couple hours of work, the bike was ready for the road, but because of the rain, I waited.
I took the bike out today and it's like a gift....clutch was/is smooth as silk and no grabbing or slipping. I even tried to reproduce the "coffee grinder" symptom and failed. It became apparent this is a "NEED-TO-DO" modification and I highly recommend it.
Take time to view Roach's #14 & #25 videos that focus on this modification. I chose to use a 3/32" drill bit.
Most difficult part for me was getting something to hold the hub while removing/installing the locknut....rest was breeze.
So...get out there and drill the basket....you'll be glad you did.

EDIT: Someone on here has a real nice graphic (see post 3 below) showing the basket and hole pattern. It will help too!

The following pales in comparison to the videos, but it will give you an idea what needs to be done. Enjoy.

Tools Needed:
8, 10, 12, 17, & 30mm sockets
Inch and Foot lbs torgue wrenches
Something to hold clutch basket while you remove/install locknut
millimeter measuring device
1/16" drill bit & drill
Clutch cover gasket...Part number 11060-1088

Using 17mm socket, Drain oil
Using 12mm socket, remove right side exhaust stud nuts...let exhaust pipe hang
Using 8mm socket, remove clutch cover bolts and clutch cover
Using 10mm socket, remove clutch spring bolts & springs
Remove pressure plate
Remove friction discs and pressure pLates (note...the first pressure plate is offset by one notch compared to remaining plates & discs)
Using something to keep the basket from turning, use 30mm socket to remove clutch locknut & washer
Remove clutch basket
I used a micrometer to mark the grooves where I was going to drill. Starting at 5mm from outside edge, mark each groove incrementing 1mm for each hole (with 30 grooves, you should end up approx 4mm from basket flange on last groove/hole)
Using hole punch & hammer, tap each mark. Using 1/16 or 3/32 drill bit, drill the holes.
Afer drilling take special care to remove ALL metal shavings.

Reinstall clutch basket, washer and locknut...tighten to 98 foot lbs
Reinstall friction discs and pressure pLates (note...the last pressure plate is offset by one notch compared to other plates)
Reinstall pressure plate, clutch springs & clutch springs bolts w/washers. Tighten to 78 inch lbs.
Reinstall clutch cover w/new gasket and clutch cover bolts....tighten to 69 inch lbs
Install new oil.

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