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Originally Posted by slimvulcanrider View Post
the reason they don't have any in stock is because most people don't need to change them. and the bike has been out of production for 6 years. you can however get a set of aftermarket disks for realitivly cheap... even if they don't say that they are made for the VN750, I have found that the CX500 disks are teh same, and I see on the CX forum every month where some one has adapted another sports bike disk to their set up.
yea i can see the rotors not being in stock but im talking about no matter what i call and price they say it has to be ordered
plug wires
all gaskets
even spark plugs

i actually started calling them just to mess with them and get prices on things i dont even need and they never have anything in stock at all it is rediculous
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