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Running roads in NW Florida

So I got up with Clark47 (Clark) and told him that CW-4(Dave) would ride down to Pensacola and show him around some of the back roads in that area. So I road 145 miles with a friend to linked up at a Waffle House on Mobile Hi-Way, which after eating there I don't recommend. My sister and her husband also joined us to ride. After talking about our scoots and mods we have done, it was time to burn some gas. It was a great day to ride, warm and sunny, so off we went. I ran some of the back roads that I traveled as a kid and after 125 miles or so, we ended up at Eglan Air Force Base to visit the Armament Museum. Once the looking around was done we had a late lunch and I departed back to Alabama and handed off Clark to Sis to get him back home to Pensacola.

Good time was had by all, I think.

Dave(in black shirt) and Clark(in orange) checking out each others bikes. First time Clark has seen another VN750.

Showing Clark a MCCT mod.

Dave showing Clark how how I modded my previous ride the UH-1 Huey.

Clark thinking about a new ride.

All good things must end and it's about time to ride home.
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