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Originally Posted by sabian131 View Post
Hello everyone!

My bike is a 2004. I was riding along the other day and as I was taking off from a parking lot, the motorcycle made a loud *KACHUNK!* sound. It didn't drive very well after that but I was able to make it down the road one block before it completely gave out. Now, whenever I simply put it in gear, I heard a grinding noise. I am thinking the transmission blew up.

I am quite the newbie when it comes to motorcycles. My question is if I have to have the transmission replaced, approximately how much might I be looking at for parts alone? I realize the labor will vary depending on where I take it but I am trying to gauge if it is even worth getting this fixed or saving that money towards a newer bike.

Thanks for your help!
Did you ever lube the drive shaft splines? They could have sheered off.

They would be easier to check than internal engine parts. Just follow the spline lube procedure (I don't have a link on hand, searchable @ the top) and inspect your splines.

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