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New NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, not fitting Spark Plug Cables

NGK Iridium DPR7EIX-9 plugs= I got these plugs in today and went to put them in and on the first one I tried to put the Spark Plug wire on and it will not fit, want even come close. The tipped end that fits in the Spark Plug Wire is a bit larger than the tipped end on the old plug. Is there a set of plug wires that I should have bought? Thanks for any and all help.

1986 Vulcan 750
30,000 miles and counting
Castrol GTX 10w-40
WIX- Gold oil filter Pt.#1356 @ Napa Auto supply $8.00
Seafoam-2 oz. to every other tank of gas @ Napa-$10
Yuasa M/F battery- YTX14AHL-BS
Lubed Splines- Moly EP Grease, 1lb. tub $3.49-Autozone Pt.#561753
Sprayed U-joint with Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease- $3.99 Autozone Pt.# 828796
Castrol Hypoy C 80w90 Gear Oil $5.99- Autozone Pt.#991558
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs, $8.99(x4)=$35.96 Autozone Pt.#088394.
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