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Shared starter problem fix

Hi, I am new here. I just got my 86 VN750 last week and love it. I encountered my first issue with it not starting yesterday. I cranked it up in the morning and let it warm up, pulled it to the top of the driveway and cut it off put it on the side stand and went inside for a little bit. When I come back out and turned the key on, the lights lit up like usual, I put it in neutral, hit the button, and nothing. Not even the solenoid click. Long story short, after rolling it off a couple of times, and trying the button I got nothing. I cleaned everywhere that electrical is connected. Still nothing, then I read about the kickstand switch being a common problem. I went out and put up the kickstand then pushed the switch in and out a few times, pushed the button and she fired right up. So I cleaned the switch and the bike is back to amazing. Just thought I would share in case someone else has this problem.

1986 Vulcan 750
30,000 miles and counting
Castrol GTX 10w-40
WIX- Gold oil filter Pt.#1356 @ Napa Auto supply $8.00
Seafoam-2 oz. to every other tank of gas @ Napa-$10
Yuasa M/F battery- YTX14AHL-BS
Lubed Splines- Moly EP Grease, 1lb. tub $3.49-Autozone Pt.#561753
Sprayed U-joint with Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease- $3.99 Autozone Pt.# 828796
Castrol Hypoy C 80w90 Gear Oil $5.99- Autozone Pt.#991558
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs, $8.99(x4)=$35.96 Autozone Pt.#088394.
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