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Originally Posted by 1986vn750 View Post
I know these brakes will make a noise simply because they are drilled, but it is a high pitched squeek that is annoying. My dad's 86 has the EBC organics, and his are almost silent and his rotors polished like mirrors!
Holes don't make any noise, unless you have superhuman hearing. Brakes are drlilled to let the rotor cool faster and heat evenly. Your actually more likely to get a squeaky brake with an undrilled disc over a drilled one.

(and I'll add before someone else does that the holes also dispel water faster and save some weight. Older pads used to actually "smoke" under hard braking and those fumes , a gas, would get trapped between the pad and rotor hampering braking. The holes helped vent this. Newer pads don't have this issue any more)

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