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Before I gave up and went to a car alternator on my Goldwing, and after removing a bunch of unnecessary junk out from under the fake tank (trip computer, stereo amp, and cruise control) I actually mounted a very small but high powered 12V blower type fan under there and ran a duct directly from it to the R/R. It did work, and brought the R/R temp way down, but I went with the car alternator anyway, for several reasons. The first was reliability. I was afraid the stock stator or R/R would go out hundreds of miles from home, leaving me stranded, it didn't cost much more for the parts than it would have for a new stock R/R, it puts out more power than stock, but ONLY when needed, it is simple, with a one wire connection, it is easy to replace of it fails, replacing the stator requires removing the engine, and perhaps, most of all, it is a major improvement over Honda's STUPID design. It shows that some things CAN be done right. Honda was building cars in '85, and they did not come with shunt type R/Rs, why did their motorcycles? But then again, their cars didn't come with tube type tires either. Things haven't changed much in that area, they are now using electronic fuel injection, but STILL don't have a proper charging system, and perhaps the biggest oxymoron of all, they are putting ABS on bikes with tube type tires.

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