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Cheetos are good. But I am killing the Crunch N Munch myself!

The RPM increase is only a second if I continue with giving it gas and try to accellerate. What I can do is let back of on the clutch and the rpm's will return to normal.

I will say that when I cleaned the cabs out with seafoam my petcock leaked when I moved it to the off position and then leaked again when I moved it to the on position. Obviously it's beginning to take a crap. Maybe that's holding up the fuel supply in some way?

I just recently adjusted my Idle screw to keep my RPM's at 1100 before that the previous owner had the idle rpms around 2k.

And lastly.. Im not sure if I have any fuel filters.. I don't know what they look like yet. I will look them up in my clymer manual and track it down and let you know with that answer.

Thanks for your advise and taking the time.. Enjoy the Mighty Cheeto!


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