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Ok gonna give this a shot while i munch on some more Cheetos. Ok, an engine that normally runs out of fuel, meaning if the carb runs dry, will increase in rpms as the final drops of fuel burn up because of a lean mixture. Its normally about 100 to 150 rpm increase but not a 1000 or 2000 rpm increase. Its possible, and im saying possible that the idle mixture fuel flow is being stopped by trash or something in the carb thus an increase in rpms, but that should happen for only a moment then the engine dies. How long does your HIGH RPM increase last? Ive never had this happen on my VN but its something ya might think about. If your bike runs fine between red light to the next red light its using the other jets in the carb for higher rpms. I know this sounds kinda far out there, but if its not in the carbs then it might be a fuel blockage problem going to the carbs. Could be you've adjusted the idle up for a fuel supply problem and once the fuel begans to flow at its normal rate again you get the high rpms. Do you have two fuel fliters on the carbs or just one fuel filter for both carbs?

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