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I have read on this forum that the place to start for air pressure in our rear shocks under normal riding conditions is to divide the total load weight (rider and any extra gear) by ten. Therefore a 185 pound rider with an additional 15 pounds of gear in the saddle bags should start out with 20 pounds (185 + 15 = 200/10 = 20) of air in each rear shock and adjust for your particular riding style. I also read that the maximum pressure is 45 pounds I believe but this would be for new shocks in good condition I believe. Try to keep the two shocks balanced as to the same air pressure. Some prefer to use a hand pump to avoid over inflation and to not loose air upon removal of the air chuck. Check your pressure after riding for a bit to see if they maintain a steady pressure before you get overly involved in trying to find the perfect ride setting. Twisting the top cup between 1 and 4 is also a matter of personal riding style and feel.

I hope this and the other information given by others helps and welcome to the wild world of Vulcans.

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