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Originally Posted by RobertGary1 View Post
Reinstalling the carbs is proving to be at least as hard as pulling them out. When I removed them I giggled them a bunch but did not really do any additional disassembly.

1) Does it make it easier if I remove the cooling housing so I can raise the air box more?

I don't think you need to do this. I just use a big square screwdriver and use it as a lever to push the air box up. I don't really care if I damage the air box though and don't care about scratching the paint on the frame either. So I dunno if you would use the same method.

2) The book makes reference to removing the intake boots from the airbox. I've been just pushing them around because I'm afraid they'll be impossible to push back into the box once the carbs are in. Do you remove the intake tubes?

When I take off the carbs I leave the intake boots on the cylinders.

3) Would someone mind explaining in detail the angles you used during reinstall? Do you have it rotated 45 clockwise when viewed from on top? Do you also pitch them up or down?

I start by putting them in through the left side of the motorcycle, with the bottom of the carbs pointing towards the right side and down... I suppose at about a 45 degree angle... what I aim is for the slimmer part between the carbs to go through the space between the boots.

After that, I have to jack up the air box so I can straighten the carbs and use some force to get them halfway over the intake boots. Then, I carefully use a non sharp flat head screwdriver on the edges of the intake boots and push the carbs so that they will slide past those boot edges and fall into place.

4) Do you recommend following the intake book recommendations in the book to keep the front one on the cylinder and the rear on the carb? I find I"m having a lot of trouble getting the carb past the front intake boot.

I have no idea, I never read that lol

Perhaps this is all easier with the thermostat housing removed and the airbox raised more????

Definitely need to raise the airbox, but I see no need of removing the thermostat housing unless you think you will use the screwdriver lever method and you might slip and hit the thermostat. It's never happened to me so far though.

It was definitely really hard to do the first time I tried all of this, but recently I had to take out the carbs some 5 or 6 times in a row lol so I got pretty good at it. Practice makes perfect.

I'm also the creator of the "kick method" but that's for when you just don't care anymore hahaha. I was so fed up with the carbs I just kicked them into place. Hey, it worked and nothing broke! lol

I did almost break part of the carbs doing something very stupid, but that was a whole different thing lol

These carbs will definitely make you cuss your heart out at times haha
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