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Originally Posted by patmckinneyracing View Post
My mosfet regulator came in today and went to work right away at hooking it up on my 99' Vulcan 750. Followed the instructions by hooking up the 3 stator wires to the one plug and then running the power and ground straight to the battery. The battery is now getting 13.9 volts instead of 11.35 volts from before.

The headlight and all the lights are working. But now the bike runs terrible. The throttle response is worse and it pops/backfires at 2500-3000 rpm. The bike was running just fine, minus the battery not being charged, prior to the mosfet swap.

The only thing it can be is the three wires not being hooked up. The three wires left are a brown, white, and black/yellow stripe wires. Any idea which wire may be causing it? Thanks.
Don't know if this helps you
http://roadstercycle.com/index.html Link didn't work right. When you get to the page,scroll down to Mosfet Complete Kits $124.00, then click on Easiest Mosfet Hookup Suggestion.


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Upgraded Mosfet rectifier

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