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I was wondering about filters. It does seem like a good idea. Can you recommend a filter to use? I could just get a small inline for a riding mower.

I still have the original airbox. I kind of like the Vulcan filters because its a distinctive look.

Its likely that the first carb cleaning didn't last because the place didn't clean the tank. I was a bit surprised when they told me that. I'll see what Steve at Carbworx says once he gets them open; I'm mailing them to him today. After speaking with him I was very impressed with his knowledge and skills. I generally have a good feeling for when someone is full of BS and when they know what they are doing and this guy seems to be a great resource for us. He also says that Vulcan carbs are his favorite.

I also suspect that the previous place may not have reassembled the carbs correctly because I can't use any throttle when the choke is on. Any amount of throttle kills the engine.

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