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Need tires!

Well, my bike can't be ridden right now since the back tire is flat and won't hold air anymore. Not a surprise, I checked the date code and it was made either in 96 or 86 lol.

Anyway, I need tires... so I thought you guys could help me find the cheapest new tires that can be found, or maybe someone here has some decent used tires that they can ship (within the U.S., not to Mexico).

I know I SHOULD put in new tires instead of used ones but I've been striking out looking for a job and I'm broke. However, I do need my bike as transport both for going to job interviews and to actually go to work if I get a job, so I need to get tires, even if used ones.

The front tire hasn't lost air, but it sucks too.

Sooo... anyone?
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