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Ok Im gonna do it lol The cables should all be fine stock, you really shouldnt need to reroute them. (My clutch cable had to be lengthened a few inches but my throttle cables are stock and my apes are 18") The brake hose might work stock as well cause the difference is about 2 in., The tank does not need to come off. Just start with the controls, remove the grips levers etc once its all kinda hangin loosen the four alan head screws from the HB Clamp. Remove stock bars, place new bars into clamp and make sure you center them. Then losely put the clamp back on sit on the bike and get a feel for where you want them. then tighten the clamp down. Double check bar position and make sure they swing side to side without hitting the tank. Re assemble all hand controls. Make sure you can move bars side to side without cables catching or binding. Then do a test ride to make sure shes good to go. If you have any problems just PM me, I'll be happy to help you figure out rerouting the cables but I dont think it'll be neccessary.

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