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Originally Posted by jgcable View Post
From everything I read, I don't need longer cables. The only part that I need to replace is the brake hose. I am thinking that the reason guys are removing the tank is to reroute the throttle and maybe the clutch cables. I don't see any reason to remove the tank except for those reasons.
So get to work. Don't be afraid to do any work on your bike it'll love you for it and you'll learn how to give it what it needs. The tank is held on by three bolts, and the pet cock fuel filter, which has three hoses. If for what ever reason you need to re-route cables under the tank for extra length and run into a snag I can respond immediately, if I can't help through support or my knowledge is lacking someone will come along soon with an answer. If you feel like documenting the process, and composing a guide after, I'm sure there will be other members who will be very appreciative.

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