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Starter motor won't turn over the engine

So I was getting the bike going after awhile without running. My battery was dead so I charged it, plugged her in and tried to crank up the bike.

Engine wouldn't turn over.

I attached my battery tender junior to the terminals to give it some extra power, the engine turned over a few times and then BLAM right up into life. Didn't even sound too bad.

Ran it for a few minutes, stopped for food, came back and started up again, no problem.

Tried to start a THIRD time and now nothing's happening, just the little click click of the starter not turning anything over. This with the jump from the battery tender.

I also noticed that the front headlight wasn't on. It had been on and working fine (highs and lows) so I figured this would be some help diagnosing the problem.

Any ideas?
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