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Pull all the hoses off the bike and check for any type of solid substance. The reservoir should also be checked to see if there is any kind of solid stuff in there as it will flow through the rest of the coolant system.

Honestly I had the same problem with my bike when I bought it. Take the radiator completely off the bike and run hot tap water (120 degree or better) which will help to loosen anything up and just run water through the radiator for about 15 minutes. It would be fill it then turn it upside down and empty it out. Check to see if there is any type of solid waste in there and you basically flush it. Then put the radiator back on the bike hook it up and ruin the over the counter radiator flush through the system. After that is done fill it up with coolant and take it out for a 30 minute spin. Let the bike cool down, and remove the cap. Hopefully that will be able to help get rid of any particles that are in there.

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