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Originally Posted by Followthehollow View Post
i messed around with it some today, with the fan disconnected I can actually hear a buzzing in the junction/fuse box that matches the pattern the fan was pulsing in.

It stops when I remove the 30v fuse, which of course cuts power to the lights/starter/fans etc.

Dunno if that gives anyone that may know the issue any help or not.

Eta: I did try disconnecting the sensor, it continued to happen so I don't think its that.

Is it possible to replace the fan relay itself on these bikes or is it a full junction box replacement? i can't seem to find the actual relay
you can get an auto motive relay and by pass the one in the JB ,I did this to mine as the fan relay did not work at all.
Use the radiator sensor to provide the ground for the coil in the relay and use the contacts in the relay to connect battery positive to the fan,run the other lead to ground from the fan motor. I used the accesory leads inside the headlight bucket to pick up the power for the relay and mounted it all under the leftside neck cover ,and it worked great and was on a fused circuit.

My relay was stuck open inside the Jb ,yours seems to be shorting to ground and trying to energize the relay,you need to find out which wire provides power to the relay coil in the JB and unhook it if you go this route ,because it sounds like the coil would still be trying to energize and may drain the battery.

Some one on her had a JB for sale for around thirty bucks the other day,that may be your best option.

If you see it on my bike I did it
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