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Apparently not a battery problem....

For some reason my 96 model won't start. In fact, it hasn't started since I brought it home from the guy I bought it from....

When I pulled up to the dude's house, he had a charger hooked up to it. We took the charger off and started it up. Everything seemed ok. I turned the bike off so we could talk some more. I tried to start it up for a test drive a little while later, but it wouldn't start. Strange. We hooked it back up to the charger, and after a few minutes it started up. I took it for a test drive, and everything else was great. He was letting it go for a good deal, so I bought it despite the hiccup. I took it home on a trailer.

When I got it to the house, again, it wouldn't start. When I turned the key it would go chug.....chug.....chug like it wanted to start but it was only turning over once every three seconds. So I bought a new battery.

Same thing. Chug....chug....chug. If I take the spark plugs out, it at least turns over faster, but it still won't start. I've charged it, tried to jump it, and nothing. My neighbor wants to jump it at someplace past the battery, but I think that's just a guess.

Anybody have any ideas?

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