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Gas Cap Lock Removal

Just checking to see if there is some trick to removing the lock cylinder on the gas cap. I purchased a new ignition and all that comes with it. By way of background - the gas cap lock is pretty buggered up. While you could open it with the key it isn't necessary, you could do the same with a screwdriver or anything small enough to fit in the slot and twist. I thinking the smooth removal is dependent on a working lock cylinder. When you insert the key there is no feel of friction on the key's edges and with the key out you can see easily into the cylinder, even the little "door" doesn't close in the key slot. I have the cap completely apart and down to the component that kind of looks like a circuit board - you can see the channels for venting, and the cylinder of course. Before I took a drill to the lock I thought I'd ask if anyone has any insight.

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